Monday, August 19, 2013

z9919 A-1

There is another DNA project that is researching our group it is the z9919 project. Our Mid Argyll Kinship group is a part of this study, we are designated z9919 A-1 in their nomenclature. 

The z9919 cluster is a relatively large genetic cluster with at least 300 members so far, well-known for their characteristic 459=9-9, YCA=19-19 pattern (double 9s at the 459 marker, and double 19s at the YCAII marker).
For those interesting this is the 9919 and RecLOH Project under Family Tree.  I joined as it will help with our project as well.  I see some interesting data developing around this haplogroup.  I think we are dealing with an indigenous Celtic tribal group located initially in central Scotland, from the Firth of Clyde east to Dundee area. 
I will post news on this as it comes in.

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